The vibrant, young community of Sylvan Lake is rapidly growing and the need for recreation and culture opportunities is ever expanding. This facility will cater to all ages and offer a variety of opportunities to better both the mental and physical health of community members.

The new multiplex will be a dynamic hub of activity that includes:

Boy in hockey helmetRevitalized Arena

The current arena will be revitalized as part of the project.
Ice skatingNew Ice Surface

The new ice surface will replace the old arena.
WEB-Banner curling rink 1Curling Rink (5 sheets)

The old Curling Rink is being replaced, and will be viewable from the new upper viewing lounge.
happy cute  girl toddler swimming underwaterAquatic Centre

The current Aquatic Centre will be revitalized and incorporated into the new facility.
ADRESIZE4Seniors' Centre

The Seniors Association will operate out of the Seniors' Centre in the new facility.
Ball pool boyChildren's Play Space

Parent-minded, children's play space will be incorporated.
WEB-BannerTablesBanquet Space

There will be several locations within the facility suited for banquet, conference, and trade shows.
Booklet-yogaMultipurpose Rooms

There will be 4 meeting and multipurpose rooms on the upper level.
WEB-BannerRunTrackRunning Track

The upper level will have a new 3-lane running/walking track that overlooks the new rink.


Real People: Cheering Crowd Audience Stadium Sporting Event Mix

Total Project Budget: $33,550,000
Community Fundraising Goal: $2,000,000

Planning for this facility began long before the closing of the Arena, Curling Rink, and Aquatic Centre. In May of 2013, the following committees began working in conjunction with each other and the Town to plan for the new NexSource Centre.

Multiplex Redevelopment Fundraising Committee:

  • Co-Chair Amy Komarninski
  • Co-Chair Deb Garritty
  • Sean McIntyre, Mayor
  • Megan Chernoff, Councilor
  • Amy Dakin
  • Don McKenzie
  • Louise Traverse
  • Lorie Johanson
  • Joyce Thrush

Multiplex Redevelopment Task Force:

  • Chair Gregg Broks
  • Sean McIntyre, Mayor
  • Matt Prete, Councilor
  • Chloe Lester
  • Christine Moore
  • Daryl Pickering
  • Keith Stephenson
  • Shelly Suggett









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